About AGyS - Aqua Gym System

AGyS is a new fitness device for a workout in your pool.

AGyS is adjustable with a selection of different rope widths and fastening studs.

Your muscles get a workout thanks to water resistance and your body constantly trying to balance itself on the AGyS tube.

AGyS exercices

An endless selection of exercises

  • Physical : Cardio, Concentration, Balance.
  • Muscular : Quadriceps, Biceps, Tricep, Hamstrings.
  • Relaxation and well-being : working to maintain balance and concentrating your body on the tube.

With AGyS you can exercsie in the water - a place where there's no stress on your joints and tendons, so it's an exercise that doesn't cause trauma contrary to other sports such as running contrary to other sports such as running.

You can exercise at home with AGyS without having to go to a gym and paying a membership fee. You can do all kinds of exercises with it that you would usually do on equipment in a gym, namely rowing, treadmill, weight bench, cycling, etc.

Exercises done on the AGyS build muscle mass, make you slimmer and loose body fat.

Using AGyS also stimulates blood circulation and gives you a cardio workout, namely by strengthening your cardio-vascular system and increasing your stamina.

Your muscles also get an isometric workout by concentrating on the muscle groups used for balance, such as for Pilates.

L’AGyS is used in an environment in which the body only weighs 30% of what it does on land.

The entire family will love the AGyS system installed in your pool - those who want to get fit and trim and those who want to gain muscle mass, but your children will also amaze you with the different fun ways they'll find to use AGyS.

AGyS is perfect for all ages, from kids to seniors.

Everyone uses AGyS at their own pace. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day will give spectacular results around the waistline and muscle mass.

For a modest price, you can exercise in your pool all while reshaping your waistline and improving your cardiovascular performance.

Registered Trademark and Patented Device.