General Sales Terms and Conditions

The website was created by THEG SAS located in Saint Gilles les Bains (Reunion Island) at 4, allée de Vénus – Registered in the Trade and Company Registry under No. 804 025 666.
 - Phone +33 6 92 65 67 12.

01 - Preamble

These general sales terms and conditions are agreed upon by THEG SAS and any individual or corporate entity who wishes to purchase from the website.

02 - Products

The products covered by these general sales terms and conditions are those which appear on the website.

03 - Prices

The product prices are indicated in Euros including tax, handling and shipping. International shipping costs to foreign countries, depending on the country, may be invoiced in addition.

04 - Ordering

To place an order, you must identify yourself with your email address.

 You must place your order online via the online shop by indicating the reference number of the product chosen.

 You must validate the cart and choose a delivery address.

 Any order implies acceptance of prices and product descriptions.

The products are carefully designed and manufactured when each client places their order.

 The THEG SAS company will acknowledge receipt of your order as soon as it’s validated by sending you a confirmation by email.

 You will be kept informed of your order’s status.

05 - Payment Methods

You may pay for your order in either of the following ways :
- Payment via PayPal with your PayPal account

- Payment via PayPal with your credit card

Once the payment has been validated, you can finish your order on the website..

06 - Delivery

The products will be delivered to you by the post office at your home or at the address you’ve provided.

07 - Return Policy

Each product will be specially designed and made with great care when an order is placed by a client.

 Any claim must be completely justified. We shall not be held liable for the product quality and the custom packaging and the shipping is insured.

 If damage occurs despite all our efforts, you will be asked to send the product back and you will receive a full refund. 

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

08 - Warranty

All of the products for sale on the website have a legal warranty of compliance provided for by Articles 1641 et seq of the French Civil Code.

09 - Liability

The THEG SAS company undertakes to deliver products which are compliant with those shown on the website. However, it shall not be held liable for a slight variation in color shades due to different graphic cards and computer models.

10 - Intellectual Property

Every component of the website - brands, models, logos, and text – is copyright protected and remains the exclusive intellectual property of the THEG SAS company. 

No document originating from the website may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded or transmitted in any way whatsoever.

 No one is authorized to reproduce, make use of, redistribute or use it for any reason whatsoever, not even partially with regard to website components whether they are software or graphics.

 Any simple or hypertext link is strictly forbidden.

11- Personal Data

In accordance with the French law on information technology files and civil liberties dated January 6, 1978, all information regarding customer names may be subject to automated processing.

12 - Filing

The THEG SAS company will keep purchase orders and invoices on file on a reliable and long-lasting medium which constitutes an authentic copy in accordance with provisions under Article 1348 of the French Civil Code.

13 - Applicable law with regard to disputes

The general sales terms and conditions online are subject to French law.